The Residential Difference

Not all hospices are created equal.

The Residential Difference

Not all hospices are created equal.

Unique physical, spiritual, and emotional needs require extraordinary care. We deliver.

Although the root of hospice care is medical in nature, Residential Hospice takes a holistic approach to serve the unique needs of patients and their families as thoroughly as possible. Our team of palliative care-certified physicians, registered nurses, social workers, and spiritual care counselors deliver integrated programs and specialized therapies and truly set the Residential Hospice experience apart.

Exceeding Expectations Makes The Difference. REQUIRE MORE OF Your Loved One’s Care.

We Provide:

  • Unparalleled response and same-day admissions
  • Expertise at “Courageous Conversations”
  • Seamless transitions along Residential’s continuum of care: home health, palliative, and hospice
  • Individualized care plans and protocols developed in collaboration with the patient’s physician
  • Support for spiritual, community, and bereavement needs
  • Certified nurse aide visits for personal care and companionship
  • Education to the patient and family on disease progression and management
  • Massage, music, aroma, and pet therapies offered when appropriate and available to address physical and emotional needs

Specialty Therapies

Offering programs and therapies as diverse as the needs of your individual journey. Get the comfort you need.


Massage Therapy

Offers relaxation and satisfies the need for caring, nurturing touch.



Fosters serenity and relieves stress and anxiety.


Music Therapy

An interactive experience that encourages reminiscence and emotional release.


Pet Therapy

Harnesses the proven benefits of interaction with animals to improve mood and lower stressors.

Massage, music, aroma, and pet therapies are offered when appropriate and available to address physical and emotional needs.

“Our specialized therapy teams often visit with patients that can no longer communicate, only to find them humming and tapping their foot at the end of a music session, or patients that are showing signs of agitation, but after a massage and aromatherapy session are calm and relaxed.”

~ Stephanie Rose,
Residential Hospice Regional Sales Director

Legacy Projects

Preserve an expression of love that extends to future generations and celebrates you.

Legacy Project icon_music

Original songs

Music therapists collaborate with selected patients to compose and record and original composition as a one-of-a-kind remembrance for loved ones.

Legacy Project icon_camera-01


At a time when emotions run high and family and caregivers may feel overwhelmed, photographs preserve the moment for posterity.

Legacy Project icon_veterans

We Honor Veterans

We are proud to have achieved four-star status with the We Honor Veterans through education, training, and dedication to the needs of Veterans.

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